Exhibit Guidelines

The Three Rivers Public Library is pleased to offer local artists and collectors the opportunity to display their work for the community’s enjoyment. Exhibit space is open to individuals and organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities. Exhibit periods are to be arranged with the library director.


Gallery Space

18 linear feet of white wall space, plus other areas upon request.


Hours & Admission

Exhibits will be available for viewing during regular library hours. No admission will be charged.  Exhibits will be open to viewing by the general public.


Security and Insurance

The Three Rivers Public Library is released from any liability that may result from theft of or damage to an exhibit, in whole or in part, while on display at the library. Artists and collectors presenting exhibitions shall provide their own insurance coverage.


Installation and Removal

Artwork must be in a format that is able to be hung on a wall. Upon delivery of artwork to the library, please include a list of items including titles of pieces, price (if items are for sale), medium, or any other appropriate description. The library will contact artists at the end of the agreed-upon exhibit period and artists will promptly retrieve artwork.


Sale of Artwork

Items may be available for sale. The library will not participate in the sales transaction; all transactions will be conducted directly between the customer and the artist. The library will maintain pricing information of pieces as well as contact information of artists, both of which will be provided to interested patrons upon request. The patron will contact the artist if interested in making a purchase.



Exhibits will be accepted based upon artist’s skills and quality of work, adherence to any statement of theme, adequacy of the library’s facilities, and the discretion of the library director or exhibit coordinator.



For more information, please contact the library at 269-273-8666.

Thank you for beautifying the Three Rivers Public Library with your artwork!