Cool Websites: Art, Music + Geekiness

DIY Crafts, Visual Arts, and Creativity:

Instructables: Instrucatables is a place that lets you explore, document, and share your creations. From cooking to 3d printing, to making just about anything fly, Instructables is the recipient of countless hours of tinkering, soldering, stitching, frying, and fun, making just about anything.

Craft Foxes: If you love cake decorating, knitting, scrapbooking, or even jewelry, then is the website for you! It is easy to navigate and is interactive. You can create your own profile and share your wonderful projects with other members. You can see other people’s projects, read their posts, and even learn how to make something by clicking the different tabs on the top of the page. If you need help, there is a discussions tab where you can ask questions and people can respond to your problem or questions.

Make Magazine: You will be hooked from the start when you visit Make Magazine’s attention grabbing website. From the eye catching design to the fun how-to projects, you will be sold.   All the information is organized very neatly within the subsections, making everything very simple to find.  This website is entertaining for all ages, but I believe that teens in middle and early high school would appreciate it more.  There are so many different things to make and read that you would be entertained for days.

Runaway DIY: Runway DIY takes  fashion and style trends from the runways and the pages of magazines and makes them accesible to everyone through step-by-step do it yourself projects.

Geek Out!:

Hack a Day: It’s pretty hard to be different in a time where everyone wants the exact same thing. Wherever you go, many people have the same types of clothes, cars, and electronics as you and that may leave you thinking, “How can I be different?”  Well, here’s your chance!  Thanks to the website, you can discover different ways to use your electronics and make them really stand out.  When you first log on, the informative titles and bright letters instantly catch your eye. This website is very interactive and even allows you to search for a certain category you are looking for.  Whether you are looking for iPhone, Android, Kindle, or any type of hacks, Hack a Day has the right information for you. You can fix any problem you have with your device, or even just improve it if you want to. You can even learn new techniques, such as charging your iPhone without a dock or charger.

ieee Spectrum: Robotics: This website holds endless amounts of information that could easily answer many of the questions that you have about anything related to technology, space, the military, and much more!

Mozilla Webmaker: For those of you who want to combine your creative talents and the Internet, Mozilla’s Webmaker might be perfect for you. You can create your own web pages, change up videos, and take part in tons of online projects.  I would recommend this to anyone interested in online creativity, no matter their age, because of the wide scope of activities and the range in levels of difficulty provided. There are three tools to use on your way to online creativity: Thimble, Popcorn Maker, and X-Ray Goggles. Use Thimble to create your own website from scratch with HTML5 (they provide great walk-throughs on the basics, but it takes a lot of reading and patience), or edit a pre-existing page.  The directions for using all of these tools are easy enough to follow; any creative mind, beginner or not, can spend hours on this site!

Makerbot Bog: Love technology? Love robotics? Tired of printing in 2-D? is the site for you! MakerBot is a great way to research an up and coming technology for a science project. The MakerBot Replicator 2x is the 21st century printer—it prints in 3-D! To create a model of something, simply upload the building plans on the MakerWare software and print. Within minutes a beautiful professional model out of plastic will be created before your very eyes by the MakerBot.


All-Ages Music Project: AMP is a network of community-based organizations that connect young people through independent music and art.