Need a place for your organization to meet?

The Meeting Room is suitable for large groups, scheduled by written application. Please read the following Meeting Room Policy prior to submitting your request.
Reserve at the Circulation Desk, or by printing and filling out this Application for the use of the Three Rivers Public Library Meeting Room. If you have reserved our room within the past year, please confirm with us that your application is still on file by calling (269) 273-8666.
Applications can be submitted to the Circulation Desk, mailed to the library at 920 W. Michigan Ave., Three Rivers, MI 49093, or faxed to (269) 279-9654.


Meeting Room Policy


The Library Meeting Room is available during normal library operating hours to non-profit community groups from the library service area. It may not, however, be used for religious services or activities, political rallies or campaigns for specific partisan political issues or candidates, or by an individual or group advocating discrimination, violence, or noncompliance, disruption, or efforts to ignore the established international, national, state, and/or local laws, codes and ordinances. Permission to use the meeting room in no way implies library endorsement of goals or activities of any organization using the rooms.


Occupancy is limited to a total of sixty (60) people in the Library Community Room. The History Room may be used at the discretion of the Director or staff on duty.


Meetings must be scheduled by written application at least one week in advance of the date for which the room is needed.  The application form, available from Library Staff, must be completed by the designated representative of the group requesting the use of the room.  Scheduling is arranged on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Approval for the use will be given by the authority of the Library Board or its designated agents.
The Library has priority over any group for use of the Meeting Room.  Every effort is made to avoid scheduling conflicts, but if such should occur, use of the room by the Library will take precedence.

Rules for Use

The meeting room may be used for educational, informational, civic or cultural programs.  The meeting room may be reserved for book sales or other fundraising events, the proceeds of which will go to the direct benefit of the library. However, the meeting room may not be reserved for the solicitation or sale of any other goods, services, etc., whether benefiting an individual or a for-profit organization at the time of the meeting or in the future.
The Library Community Room may be scheduled for meetings not to exceed three (3) hours duration unless approved by the Library Board or the Library Director. Meetings must adjourn at least 10 minutes before the Library closes. Meeting room access is not allowed outside scheduled library hours.
No beverages, food or drinks of any kind are allowed in the Meeting Room without specific permission of the Library Board or its designated agents. As is the case throughout the Library, there is no smoking allowed in the Meeting Room.
The scheduled group is responsible for the setting up of chairs, tables, furniture and/or library or non-library equipment prior to the meeting and for returning all library property to the designated location upon termination of the meeting and before the library closes. The meeting room must be left in a clean and orderly condition. Future use will be denied if this is not observed.

Responsibility and Liability

The executive officer of the organization using the Meeting Room is responsible for any damages to the room and/or its furnishings during such use.  The Library Board and staff do not assume any liability on groups or individuals attending a meeting in the library.