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How do I get a library card?

Who can get a card?

Library cards are free to residents in the service area of the city of Three Rivers, Fabius Township, and Lockport Township. Young adults and children under the age of eighteen may obtain a juvenile card. Applications for juvenile cards must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Teachers for the Three Rivers Community Schools may obtain a teacher card (no matter where they reside). 

How to Apply

You need to confirm residency to get a card. Residency can be confirmed with a valid Michigan Driver’s License, a valid Michigan ID card or a photo ID together with a current paid property tax receipt. In absence of these items, suitable identification and proof of residence may be determined by library staff using at least two current paid receipts showing name and address.

Not from Three Rivers, Fabius Township, or Lockport Township?

A nonresident fee is charged annually per household for those outside the service area, as follows. Each person within the household may have their own card.

  • For up to two individuals (single + 1) in one household: $50.00
  • For families of three or more in one household: $75.00
  • Seasonal cards (4 months) are available for $30/household.

What if I lost my card?

The fee to replace a lost library card is $1.00.

My card isn't working. 

Your card may be expired. Cards expire once a year and can be renewed in person at the library.