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Community Story Walks

Unfortunately we've had to suspend the Memory Isle location as a result of vandalism. Here's the schedule for the Scidmore and Huss Project locations.


hooray for fish

Hooray for Fish —Scidmore[map]

amara's farm

Amara’s Farm—Huss [map]

duck on a bike

Duck on a Bike—Scidmore[map]
compost stew

Compost Stew—Huss [map]

cow said boo

Cow Said Boo—Scidmore[map]
were going on a leaf hunt

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt—Huss [map]



your hand in my hand

Your Hand in My Hand  —Memory Isle[map]
Our mouse friends travel through the seasons. Can you tell what season they're in on each page? What are the clues?

big chickens

Big Chickens —Scidmore[map]
This has a repetitive story pattern your little ones can help you out with --"me two, me three, me four..." Also keep your eye out for the wolf...he's never far away.


chicks and sala

Chicks and Salsa —Memory Isle[map]
The chickens are tired of chicken feed can you find all the ingredients for salsa?

cindy moo

Cindy Moo —Scidmore[map]
How do you think a cow gets the ability to jump over the moon?

my garden

My Garden —Huss [map]
Can you find all the amazing things growing in this garden: jellybeans, chocolate, beachball-sized tomatoes?


in the small small pond

In the Small, Small Pond —Memory Isle[map]
barnyard banter

Barnyard Banter —Scidmore[map]
miguel's community garden

Miguel’s Community Garden —Huss [map]

turtle walk

Turtle Walk—Scidmore[map]
have you seen a flower

Have You Seen a Flower —Huss [map]

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