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Discovery Zone

Welcome to the Discovery Zone!

Discovery Zone

A sensory play area for early learners and neurodivergent patrons.

We offer two types of service:

>The room is open on a drop-in basis from 10-12 noon Tuesdays through Thursdays for preschool families (or when two staff are on the floor on other days).

>In the afternoon, families can reserve the room for an hour at a time by visiting the circulation desk or calling 269-273-8666.

On your first visit, you will be asked to fill out this usage agreement.

There is a maximum occupancy of 8.

The Discovery Zone was made possible by a generous donation from KADANT.

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> Always on the walls:

  • Bubble Wall Aquarium
    Bubble Wall Aquarium
  • Caterpillar
  • Magic Hands Heat Sensitive Board
    Magic Hands
  • Tap Tap LED Lights
    Tap Tap LED Lights

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>Large floor activities (rotating or by request):

  • Color Mat and Blocks
    Color Mat and Blocks

  • Floor Piano

  • Light Table
    Light Table

  • Liquid Floor Tiles
    Liquid Floor Tiles

  • Peapod

  • Rosetta Star Projector
    Rosetta Star

  • Sensory Tunnel
    Sensory Tunnel
  • Stepping Stones Tactile Balance Board
    Sensory Stones

  • Vibroacoustic Lounger

  • Wiggle Wobble Rock & Twist

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>Activity Bins

  • Dimpl Pops
    Dimpl Pop
  • Fidget Slugs
    Fidget Slugs
  • Hoberman Spheres
    Hoberman Spheres
  • Learn to Dress
    Learn to Dress
  • Lidzy
  • Odoxia Sensory Set
    Odoxia Sensory Set
  • Pin Art Board
    Pin Art Board
  • Rollagain Sorter
    Rollagain Sorter
  • Shape Learning Boards
    Shape Learning Boards
  • Tangle Fidget Toy
    Tangle Fidget
  • TickiT Sound Prisms
  • Twist Stick Fidgets

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>Circulating Kits
  each kit includes 1 weighted plush animal, 1 fidget slug, 1 ne doh ball, 1 hourglass water tube, 1 sensory ring, 1 long glitter tube. Kits may be reserved for checkout from our catalog:

  • Sensory Kit 1
    Sensory Kit 1
  • Sensory Kit 2
    Sensory Kit 2
  • Sensory Kit 3
    Sensory Kit 3

> Discovery Zone Usage Agreement

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